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More News and Updates

IIEC organized Blockchain Masterclass

IIT Gandhinagar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IIEC) organized the Blockchain Masterclass on November 3, 2018. It was held between 9:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar campus. Mr Babu...

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Campus Feature – Birds at Campus

It is indeed the truth that nature amazes us in its own way. These birds at the campus with such unique characteristics resembles the creativity of God. The beauty of these birds can leave anyone...

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Campus Feature – Outdoor Play Court

Needless to say that IIT Gandhinagar not only provides the best education to its students but endeavors to develop them in an overall manner. This can be said by looking at the emphasis that the institute gives on students’...

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Campus Feature – Next Phase of Hostel

The snippets of the video show the ongoing construction at the new hostel site on the campus. The construction work of the hostel area is likely to be completed in the next two years. This new living area in the campus will be...

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Interpreting project-based learning

Prof Dheeraj Sanghi, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur recently delivered a talk on project-based learning at the institute. He started with the question – What is project-based learning? To this, he...

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Campus Feature – Sugarcane Juice Centre

In the season, when the temperature is heading towards hitting a half-century, all a person wants is some refreshments to get relief from the exhausting heat. The sugarcane juice stall near to the hostel area, with its fresh...

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Aerospace materials in focus at IITGN

​The Advanced Materials Processing Research Group at the institute hosting a thought-provoking workshop on the subject “Aerospace Materials: Microstructure, Fracture and Fatigue” as a Global Initiative of Academic Networks...

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A “green” day and a better life ahead

The institute has been a torchbearer in environment conservation and has instituted several sustainable green initiatives on campus. As India played the role of the global host for World Environment Day 2018, IITGN celebrated it...

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Campus Feature – Boundaries and Beyond

The newly designed boundary wall of the campus is designed with a significant amount of transparency and rhythmic patterns to allow outsiders to have a sense of the campus from outside. The boundary is being constructed with red...

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Campus Feature – Signboards on Campus

Simplified navigation eases the exploration of intricate spaces. The signboards on campus premises have been designed with uniformity and conformity. These signboards follow the path of glory signage system. It also has a map...

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Campus feature: Daycare Center

The Daycare Center at IIT Gandhinagar is a unique and vibrant part of the campus infrastructure. This facility is currently being coordinated by the members of the campus community and has a special place in the hearts of the...

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Campus Feature – Terrace Theater

The terrace theater is a unique artistic space located in the academic area above block 1 of the campus. The theater has a backdrop of the Sabarmati river. This space is designed to be used for cozier performances, informal...

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Intelligent digital transactions with Recko

Saurya Prakash Sinha (BTech EE, 2009 Batch) and Prashant Borde (BTech EE, 2008 Batch) have started Recko. Recko is an intelligent digital transaction reconciliation product which helps companies in keeping a track of receivables...

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Campus Features – Sandhyachaya

The special nooks of IIT Gandhinagar campus such as the ‘Sandhyachaya’ (behind Block 4), are designed to encourage lively conversations, debates, fun chats, small events, and maybe even an occasional outdoor class....

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Campus Feature – Solar Carport

The newly constructed solar carport and rooftop PV panels together have a capacity of 500KW, which at its peak is approximately half of the campus demand of 1MW. The 90 vehicles carport is perhaps the first such facility in...

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Solar Carport

A Solar Carport with partially covered walkaway is being developed in the area between the Hostels...

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The institute places great emphasis on not only educating successful engineers of the future, but also creating well-rounded personalities, who contribute to society, are respectful and can adapt to their surroundings. The idea...

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Republic Day Celebrations

A very Happy Republic Day on behalf of the IIT Gandhinagar family! This marks the second time that we are celebrating Republic Day at the Palaj Campus, and we are thrilled at what a long way we have come since last year....

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