The seventh talk in the Roddam Narasimha Distinguished Lecture series on the subject Role of Advanced Materials in transforming India into a Global Leader was held today at the institute. Eminent researcher in the field of metallurgy, Prof B S Murty from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Madras explained how the technology of nanoparticles can help in improving strength of various materials.

During his talk, Professor Murty gave background and examples of the ancient Indian heritage of materials and nanotechnology, like the dancing girl sculpture from the Mohenja Daro and the iron pillar at the Qutub Minar. He then introduced the technological advancements made with time in the field of materials science. Dr Murty, who is an Adjunct Professor at Ryerson University, Toronto and a recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (2007) and the Metallurgist of the Year Award (2004), shared details of various products and materials which were developed by changing the size of the nanoparticles of that material or metal. For example, one can make jewellery from 24-carat gold without alloying any other material into it but only by reducing the size of particles in gold.

Professor Murty also talked about the development and application of advanced materials in the fields of healthcare, energy security, infrastructure and transport by giving a few examples of advanced materials with immense potential that can transform India into an enviable position globally. He advised the students to keep pursuing their subjects of interest and said, “It is not only important to understand the research, but also important to believe in what you are doing.”