When we are expecting quality work from construction workers, it is upon us to provide dignified facilities and safety to them and their families.

Prof Sudhir K Jain

Director, IITGN

As a part of its persistent efforts to ensure dignified living conditions for construction workers, the next set of housing units for construction workers was inaugurated today at IITGN. Mr Prabhakar Singh, director-general, Central Public Works Department (CPWD), inaugurated today the second set of housing for construction workers on campus. Mr Singh appreciated the efforts of the institute, CPWD and the contractor and encouraged the team to build the housing in a manner that could be replicated across other public works projects around the country.

The housing has been made for the construction workers presently working on the Research Park project, which is being executed by the CPWD and B L Infra Projects. The newly-constructed 202 housing units have pukka floor, water supply, electricity and clean sanitation facilities for construction workers. The institute has specifically designated a piece of land within its campus to be made available for this purpose.

The first set of housing construction was inaugurated in January this year.