My internship at IITGN was a very different experience. It exposed me to the field of research; my work here taught me that persistence, determination and patience are key to success.

Ankita Srivastava

Intern, Chemical Engineering

The two months at IITGN developed within me patience, problem-solving abilities and the spirit of not giving up. They instilled within me a positive inclination towards research.

Biswajit Kumar Prusty

Intern, Electrical Engineering

It was a day full of novel ideas and interesting research as the interns of the flagship Summer Research Internship Programme (SRIP) 2018 showcased their projects, models and research outputs at the SRIP 2018 poster presentation competition on July 4. The students elucidated the research projects undertaken by them during the past two months, under the mentorship of faculty of IITGN.

A total of 65 research projects were displayed during the event. The designs ranged from the design of an autonomous race car which could maintain its balance even in high speed to study of Belousove Zhabotinsky (BZ) reactions which can be used to find blood glucose, cryptography using real enigma machine which was invented during the World War I, an automated chessboard, earthquake shake table, study of building façade behaviour under real fire scenarios, image/video processing for forensics and security, robotic arms, mechanical walking mechanisms and so on.

The winners of the poster competition were awarded certificates after the competition.

SRIP has been devised at IITGN for developing research skills in students and enabling them work on innovative projects. This year, SRIP began on May 1. A total of 129 students from across the country, including 41 students from IITGN participated in the eight-week programme which concluded on July 10. During the programme, more than 46 faculty members of IITGN guided the participating students on a wide range of research projects.