Our dining facilities provide a hygienic, healthy and timely meal which is possible only because of the hard work of workers and managers in the mess. Therefore, we decided to celebrate the ‘D-Dine Day’. It was a great opportunity for us to show our gratitude towards the mess workers who serve us so faithfully throughout the year.

Rahul Bharti

Student Welfare Secretary

Food is always an important concern for parents when children move out of their homes for study and/or jobs. Students, on the other hand, are always very eager to try out a variety of cuisines and dishes. In hostels, we often find the students complaniing about poor mess food but not at IITGN. Our students, staff and faculty members are all praises for the great food at mess and as a mark of reverence and gratitutde towards the mess staff, organised a first-of-its-kind ‘D-Dine Day’.

On the evening of January 18, the students, staff and faculty members took to cooking and serving a meal for the mess staff, as a gesture of gratitude and respect for their hard work throughout the year. The move was initiated by the Student Welfare Council of the institute.

At IITGN, there are two dining facilities with 80 staff members. All of these staff members were treated to a sumptuous meal which comprised matar paneer, jeera aloo and poori. The meal was also followed by a cake-cutting ceremony and pastry distribution to all the mess staff members. The staff of the mess felt privileged with this humble gesture. A worker remarked, “We are away from our families but today, we feel IITGN is our another family which takes care of us. Thanks to the institute, we really enjoyed a lot and felt closer to our IITGN family.”