I strongly encourage girl students to consider admission to various IITs and IITGN in particular. Besides top-quality education, the campus life at IITGN is quite vibrant. It is located in a safe area and the campus has round-the-clock security.

Prof Pratik Mutha

Dean of Academic Affairs

IITGN is committed to intellectual diversity. We encourage students to express their views. It is a very warm and welcoming place for students from all backgrounds. I encourage women to come to IITGN to realise their passion and potential.

Prof Mona Mehta

Humanities & Social Sciences

The institute has started​ a special helpdesk and a website dedicated to addressing queries of prospective female students.

In an effort to improve the number of female students across the IITs, special supernumerary seats have been created starting this year. The move is aimed at ensuring that at least 14 per cent of the students in each branch at various IITs is women.

After successfully organising an Open House for all students qualifying the JEE Advanced exam, IITGN has also initiated special initiatives for reaching out to aspiring female candidates. The institute has set up a special helpdesk for female applicants to address their various queries.

A webpage and a Facebook page have also been created to reach out and help the women candidates. Email IDs of various faculty members, including female faculty members from several departments, have been made available on the webpage for targetted enquiries. The idea is to encourage more women join IITGN by clearing any doubts which they or their parents might be having with regard to pursuing education at IITs.

IITGN faculty and students vouch for the innumerable opportunities provided by the institute and its safe environment for women students. “IITGN offers excellent academic structure and research culture. It is a very safe place for girls as well”, says Prof Uttama Lahiri, a faculty in Electrical Engineering since 2012.

Bina, a student in Chemistry discipline, hails from Bihar. She remarks, “IITGN provides very good infrastructure for studies and it encourages you to participate in extracurricular activities for all-round development. It gives you freedom but also inculcates a sense of responsible and maturity.”

The IITs regularly rank high in global surveys and are considered among the best institutes in India for technical education. However, societal and parental restrictions on girls often discourage a large percentage of highly qualified girls from accepting an IIT seat. This step will bring such girls one step closer.