What science and technology has done to the environment, science and technology also has to undo. The challenge now is energy resource management, and India has to take on the leadership to solve the environmental problems. The government of India is rigorously implementing programmes for climate change mitigation”, said Mr S A Bhardwaj, chairman, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, in his inaugural address.

Mr Bharadwaj was the chief guest at the three-day National Symposium on Environment (NSE-20) which kickstarted today at the institute. He also mentioned about the recent extraordinary achievement of the Kaiga nuclear power plant and explained how people living near the boundary of the plant have received practically zero radiations. He went on to say that we all are getting addicted to use energy for 24 hours in today’s times and we are also addicted to the radiation. Mr Bharadwaj cited a few examples where people are using radiation in their day-to-day life, such as the X-ray and CT scan machines, radiotherapy for cancer treatment, in malls, industries and the medical field. He added, “Radiation is all around us, the technology is safe. What is required is to understand the radiations.”

He remembered the vision of Dr Homi Bhabha to recycle the energy/ fuel waste and said, “India has always and consistently followed the approach of closing the fuel cycles, which is done by very few countries.” He encouraged the scientists to find solutions for the worries of the common man and emphasised that nuclear energy is one of the primary bases for solution.

Dr Pradeepkumar K S, associate director (Health, Safety & Environment Group) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, while delivering the keynote address, emphasised that scientists and technocrats must take measures to protect the environment. He said, “DAE is committed to protecting the environment, and we will do every measure to protect our environment.”

A souvenir and NSE proceedings document was also released during the inaugural ceremony. Experts, research scholars and students from the fields of environment, energy resource management and climate change from all over the country and abroad have gathered at IITGN to deliberate upon various environment, and energy resource management & climate change issues. Some of the topics that will be touched during the symposium include environmental strategies, awareness, legislation and regulation, environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution research and mitigation, demographic and health surveys, geogenic and emerging contaminants, nanotechnology in wastewater management, climate change perspectives & green energy, management of plastic wastes, among others.