A workshop on Global Earthquake Model (GEM) and the implementation of its seismic hazard & risk assessment platform in India was conducted at the institute during March 18-19.

GEM was developed by more than 700 earthquake experts from around the globe and its development is managed by the GEM Foundation based at the University of Pavia, Italy. One of the main topics at the workshop was the seismic hazard and risk model for India, which was developed by the GEM team with input by faculty members from IIT Powai, IIT Madras and IIT Gandhinagar.

The model enables loss estimation due to possible future earthquakes in India, and considers local building design and construction practices. The workshop was attended by 15 participants and was coordinated by IITGN professors Svetlana Brzev and Manish Kumar. “Seismic risk associated with the Indian building stock is an important topic and we are pleased to support this important research initiative by hosting the workshop”, said Prof Sudhir K Jain, earthquake engineer and director, IITGN.