A two-day workshop named Electrochemistry School was conducted by the Department of Chemistry at the institute during July 24-25. Around 40 students from all over Gujarat participated in this workshop dealing with energy systems.

IITGN has taken a lead in collaboration with Metrohm India and conducted a workshop for the students of Gujarat. The main purpose of this workshop is to expose students to various concepts in this area. The school had a combination of classroom lectures and lab sessions. In today’s era when there is a constant search for pollution-free energy generation, electrochemistry has a vital role to play. Be it hydrogen generation or mitigating the CO2 , electrochemistry has answers to all these issues. Although, there has been substantial research all round the globe, electrochemistry has always fallen behind because of less exposure in the universities’ curriculum at an advanced level.

Prof Sudhanshu Sharma and Prof Arnab Dutta coordinated the workshops. Dr Aditi Singhal from Ahmedabad University, one of the instructors of this workshop shared, “There is a lot of research going on in the country on fuel cell, the aim being enhancing battery life. Knowledge of electrochemistry will greatly help students to work in this field”.