Water is a treasured resource, especially when many parts of the country are going through a drought. It was therefore thought of by campus development teams to have a full-scale Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that would treat the waste water generated on campus and recycle most (if not all) of it. The master-planners of IIT Gandhinagar went one step ahead and proposed that given our landscape and opportunities, developing a natural STP made more sense than investing in an expensive, energy intensive and less environment-friendly treatment plant based on chemical treatment. A three-stage STP wherein the first two stages are completely natural stages and the third stage is a filtration stage that involves no chemicals, was proposed and built. The idea was that this recycled water will be used in all the flushes and all the gardening operations. With the additional infrastructure and equipment finally installed and the additional parallel set of water lines for carrying recycled water operational, we are now getting recycled water in all the flushes and horticulture system across the Palaj campus.