In a first, Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) at the institute, in partnership with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), conducted a five-day residential workshop on implementing project-oriented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning in the classroom. Titled Inspiring Engineers through Innovation, Creative Models and Machines, the workshop commenced on January 8 and concluded on January 12.

The experiential workshop introduced the participants with hands-on methodologies and techniques to help them in developing interesting techniques and models to encourage STEM learning in the classroom. The participating faculty also had the opportunity to utilise the IITGN labs to develop their independent creations. About 30 engineering faculty from across the country have participated in the workshop and developed independent creations for their classrooms.

Sharing more information on the workshop, Mr Manish Jain, associate teaching professor in CCL, said, “We at CCL, IITGN always strive to make science, math and technology learning interesting and engaging for students. We regularly engage with external engineering faculty, teachers and students through such workshops to help them explore these complex subjects through fun, easy-to-learn methods. The participants of this workshop work with the school and college students in some of the remotest parts of the country. This workshop aims at facilitating and promoting engineering education across the country.”

Talking about his experience during the workshop, Srinag P, assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore said, “This is a very different workshop where we don’t need to use pen and paper. We learnt many new things by practically working on it. We made some models with the laser-cutting machine. We also learnt using innovative techniques to make the subject interesting for students. Hats-off to the efforts by the entire team.”

Expressing her thoughts on the need for such workshops for faculty development, Kalpana J, principal in the Polytechnic College, Trichy said, “There is an urgent need to revamp the education system in the country and it has to happen fast to become a movement. This workshop, in collaboration with a central government body, is one such welcome step in that direction. The entire workshop, curriculum and learning environment is very inspiring which should be implemented in every institute. I found the concept of collective learning, with minimal lectures and more emphasis on practical education, really awesome. I work with a lot of government schools in the remotest parts of Tamil Nadu and I will be able to take these concepts to those students. We need such support continuously to bring the change faster.”