Institute had conducted a talk by Mr Anil Srivatsa, an organ donor and campaigner for the cause, on September 07, 2018. Anil Srivatsa has driven across 40 countries and charted 70,000 kms in his car to take the message about organ donation to schools, colleges and social clubs. An organ donor himself, Anil drives around the world to promote awareness and sign up organ donors by starting a conversation at home and to recruit ambassadors for his Million Donor Project. Anil shares his story to infuse courage to help people come forward to gift a life to family members, especially those on dialysis.

Anil is Former Chief Executive Officer of Kings XI Punjab team; Chief Operating Officer of Radio Today broadcasting and co-founder of Radiowala, India’s largest spot radio network, Anil is currently on the road from Bangalore to Nepal and back to promote organ donation awareness. His Gift of Life Adventures have included a cross-continental on-road expedition from India to Scotland, a drive from Italy to Oman and a 4-month 20,000 km drive around India, addressing over 25,000 people in an attempt at a Guinness Book record on December 8, 2017.

He came at Ahmedabad- Gandhinagar for the first time. The talk highlights on his journey as a kidney donor and his adventurous journey of 70,000 km promoting organ donation awareness.