The Ninth Leadership Conclave (LC) of IITGN was held today. It saw a right blend of experience, wisdom and energy as the frontrunners of the academia and industry congregated at the institute and shared their knowledge to guide the institute on its way forward.

At the onset, Prof Sudhir K Jain, director, IITGN welcomed all the guests and introduced them to the agenda and expectations of the meeting. He acknowledged the significance of the previous Leadership Conclaves and said, “These meetings have been really powerful for IITGN to recalibrate its agenda for the future. It works as the guiding light for us as we march ahead on the path of academic excellence.” He also gave an idea about the core values of the institute, its path-breaking initiatives, student-centric approaches and world-class infrastructural facilities at the institute.

The day-long conclave had thoughtful discussions on vision and mission of IITGN, assimilation of IITGN values among the internal stakeholders, systems and policies for long-term stability and continuity, and branding and image building for the institute. A total of 33 participants from India and overseas, including members from IITGN, brainstormed, analysed and deliberated over these key issues as four different groups during the break-out sessions to strategise and design leadership ideas for IITGN. These ideas were then discussed with all the participants who gave inputs to refine it further.

The conclave members shared their thoughts on the vision and mission of IITGN and ways to propagate and communicate it in an effective way to all the stakeholders. As IITGN always gives great significance to its core values, it was aptly deliberated upon how well these values have been internalised and how to integrate them in all of our actions. Suggestions on this area proposed to sensitise the stakeholders periodically through various means and engagements. It was also suggested to maintain consistency in interacting with them at various levels to deeply instill the core values in the system.

The participants also engaged in giving suggestions on systems and policies for long-term stability and continuity in the institute as it continuously evolves. They proposed to create a system from the grassroots level to address various needs to become better and stronger. It was agreed upon that freedom with accountability is crucial and can be achieved by creating an ecosystem for the better outcome.

The topic of significance and approaches for branding and image-building for the institute saw some very interesting discussions and suggestions. It was a common view that IITGN has a lot of potential of increasing its branding at various levels and that it is important that the institute communicates its many initiatives and activities which sets it apart in the academic arena. The conclave participants proposed to reach out to a larger audience through branding in order to reap benefits for all the stakeholders of the institute.