The Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar is one among the chosen few institutes to participate at the 45 th National Science, Math and Environment Exhibition for school students which began today at the Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. The CCL team is exhibiting more than 100 of it’s 250 unique experiential toys and models including Enigma machine, walking spider and 812 piece 500 triangle geodesic ball that it has designed for hands-on learning of Science and Math. The CCL stall at the state invitees dome received an overwhelming response from the school children, teachers and parents accompanying them.

Giving more information on the work and exhibits at the event, Mr. Manish Jain, Head of CCL, IITGN said, “The goal of our lab at IIT Gandhinagar is to make sure to bring back the gleam in the eyes of teachers and students, to create hands-on experience and stuff which can make science, math, and technology learning absolutely engaging and interesting for children. Only then, they will be able to explore and have conceptual clarity.”

Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) was established with an aim to provide a joyous learning environment, which can lead to conceptual understanding. It emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning instead of mere chalk n’ talk approach of teaching to make education engaging, effective and easier for students to understand. It conducts in-service workshops for middle and high school teachers, facilitates in establishing science/ math centers and tinkering labs, mentors students from schools and colleges and does research and design of computational games, among others. CCL is also working with AICTE and Atal Innovation Mission for planning workshops for engineering faculty and facilitators of Atal tinkering labs.

The whole team of CCL IITGN will be there throughout this exhibition, which is being hosted by Gujarat after 20 years, to answer queries of student and visitors.