A book on “Solar Power in India: Past, Present and 2022” was launched by SRIP Solar study team at IITGN on July 14, 2017. Professor Juzer M. Vasi from IIT Bombay was the distinguished visitor on this occasion.The book was released by Professor Sudhir K Jain, Director IIT Gandhinagar and was presented to Prof.Vasi. Responding to the needs of the nation in solar space driven by the national solar mission target of 100 GW installed solar power by 2022, students decided to work during summer break as their contribution to this national endeavor. A Team of 8 Students including 2 students from KIIT Bhubaneshwar and University of Jaffna (Srilanka) were guided by Prof.Kasivisvanathan Chelvakumar of IITGN who retired from the position as President of EPIR Technologies Incorporated, Chicago.