Author: Khushbu Shah

Dr Yann-Pierre Montelle decodes human evolution and prehistory

Dr Yann-Pierre Montelle of New Zealand, a veteran archaeologist and author of Paleoperformance: The Emergence of Theatricality as Social Practice, delivered three lectures at the institute. Through the lecture series, Dr Montelle shared fascinating insights on some recent findings on human evolution. The talk series was co-organised by IITGN’s Centre for Cognitive Science and Archaeological Sciences Centre. A rock art researcher and speleoarchaeologist, Dr Montelle has recently shifted his investigative interests towards India’s fascinating prehistory. His first talk, titled Human Evolution: Of mosaic, hybrids and braids, challenged some of the conventional theories on human evolution. He discussed recent discoveries and their impact on currently-held theories on the subject. In his second talk – Homo Faber: ubiquitous needs and cognition – Dr Montelle tried to establish an index of some of the fundamental gestures and their resulting by-products, and contextualised these in terms of cognition. His last talk explored the world-famous Chauvet- Pont D’Arc Cave (the so-called “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”) and the possible motivations for the authors of those spectacular paintings. The talk was titled Homo aestheticus: But is it...

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The Tower When it Lights Up

This  Campus Feature brings a ‘lighted’ and poetic facet of the ‘Lal Minar’. From how far have you seen the campus all lit-up; warm, friendly, and inviting? Have you stood on the other of the side of the Sabarmati or near the Torrent power house of Gandhinagar, and viewed the ‘lighted tower’ of IIT Gandhinagar? If you have not, do so — this winter. The lighted tower stands as a beacon of knowledge and provides hope to the seekers of...

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Library Roundup

Week 2: 8 Jan 2018 - 12 Jan 2018 Book of the week: Practical education: why liberal arts majors make great employees New...

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