Author: Khushbu Shah

Challenging ideas, changing lives: Amalthea’ 17

Amalthea 2017 – the annual technical summit of the institute – was held during November 4-6 with the aim of promoting technology, bestowing knowledge, aiding scientific thinking and stimulating entrepreneurship among the students. Amalthea was inaugurated in 2010 and has been changing lives through its ideas since then. The eighth edition of Amalthea was inaugurated by Mr A P Hota, former MD & CEO of National Payments Corporation of India and Prof Sudhir K Jain, Director, IITGN. The theme of this year focused on the myriad trails of development, from conception of ideas to their manifestation in our lives. It shall...

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Library Roundup

Week 41: 16 Oct 2017 - 20 Oct 2017 Book of the week: Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy New...

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International Conference on Dialogue of Civilizations

The National Geographic in 2013 initiated a five-series International Symposium titled Dialogue of Civilizations for interactions between archaeologists and professionals of five civilisations, namely Mesoamerican, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, South Asian and Chinese. The first conference in the series was held in Guatemala in 2013, followed by Turkey in 2014 and China in 2015. The fourth Dialogue was held during October 8-14 in India. Hosted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in collaboration with the National Geographic, the  conference was hosted at the institute during October 9-11. Leading archaeologists of India — Dr S B Ota, Joint Director-General, ASI; Dr M Nambirajan, Region Director, ASI West; and Dr Anil Tiwari, Superintending Archaeologist, ASI Vadodara — attended the event. The conference concluded at Dholavira, Rann of Kutch. The academic sessions encompassed discussions on Harappan civilisation, craft & technologies, trade & communication, town planning and hydrology in ancient...

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