​The Advanced Materials Processing Research Group at the institute hosting a thought-provoking workshop on the subject “Aerospace Materials: Microstructure, Fracture and Fatigue” as a Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) course. The course was inaugurated by Air Vice Marshal A K Gupta (VSM), Senior Maintenance Staff Officer (SMSO) of South Western Air Command (SWAC). Taught by Dr Kumar V Jata, CEO, Jata Materials Solutions, USA, the course comprised lectures and tutorials, and culminated on June 22. Dr Jata has been a fellow of Air Force Research Labs in 2006 and ASM International in 1998.

The course focussed on various microstructures ​that can be produced in structural metals particularly in aluminum, titanium and nickel-based superalloys and how one can manipulate the microstructure to produce desirable properties. The product forms and heat treatment tempers needed for aerospace industries were discussed. There was also an emphasis on the use of aluminum alloys in the automotive industry and shipbuilding. Researchers from Indian Air Force, industry, Defense Research Labs and various academic institutes from across the country participated in the course.

Aerospace materials are one of the most important ingredient of any aircraft. Just 0.1 per cent improvement in aerospace materials can give you an increased payload output of 20 per cent. It is important not only for operations but maintenance as well. We need materials which require the least maintenance. Air Vice Marshall A K Gupta